Grebbestad is an old fishing village with several active fishing boats even today. On the boardwalk you can enjoy watching the ocean, do some shopping in the small shops, grab something to eat or drink in one of all the restaurans along the water, or simply enjoy watching the beautiful fishing boats... 

Around 50% of all the Swedish lobsters are catched in this area, even more of the cage catched crayfish, and about 90% of all the oysters in Sweden lives in this water. grebbestad is famous because all the good seafood, and when you visit and try some, you will understand. 

Every year in July we have an old tradition from 1922, the Grebebstad Carnival, a weekend full of music, good food, happy people and of course a Carnival parade! This event is on a Saturday in the beginning of July. 

The history of Grebbestad 

The area around Grebbestad have been inhabitaed for a very long time. Both in Grebbestad and the area around is full of ancient momories, one of them is eh graveyard from the Iron age "Greby gravfält", and you can also find a stone maze in Ulmekärr and lots and lots of rock carvings in the area. Only a few kilometers from Grebbestad we have an out- and indoor museum that shows many amazing rock carvings.  

In the beginning of the 19th century, Grebbestad changed from only beeing a fishing village to also develope the trade, shipping and the crafts. 
The development started in the end of the 18th century during the "hearring period". The canned industry grown and gave lots of job opportunities, maybe you have heard of "Grebbestads Hummeransjovis" (lobster anchovy)? 

Already in the mid 19th century, Grebbestad became a well known resort for people on vacation whe wanted to enjoy a strengthening cold bath, a sea weed bath or maybe a clay packaging. 

The very beautiful and uniqe archipelago outside Grebbestad is woth a visit for thoose who like the ocean and the nature. Otterön, a well known island right outside Grebbestad with a beautiful and rich fauna were a home for the famous Evert Taube, a swedish author, artist, composer and singer who made several songs about Grebbestad and the beautiful nature around. 

Welcome to Grebbestad!