Regarding Covid-19

Regarding Covid-19

From 21 April 2020 00:00 until 31 December 2021 14:38

At Everts Sjöbod Grebbestad

Posted by Hanna Karlsson Thorén

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We would like to inform you regarding the action we have been taking regarding Covid-19, and how we work to make you feel safe when you are here. 

Everts Sjöbod (Evert´s boathouse) is a small family business. To make you feel safe, we would like to explain to you how our B&B looks like, and what you can expect while you are here as our guest. 
Our B&B is situated at the beach, over the sea, in two houses next to each other, with 3 hotel rooms is each house. On the first floor you find the standard room and the room with a beach view. On the second floor you find the suite. Each house has a kitchen with a dining area and a bigger pier at the first floor. Up stairs, the suite has a privat terrace and a privat little dining area. This makes it possible for you as a guest to easily keep a distance from the other guests when necessarily when you have a room booked at our B&B. 
You can also choose to book a whole house. In that way you have completely privacy, and can decide if you want any of our services or just take care of your self and enjoy the nature and the ocean. 

We clean the B&B our self, and of course we have been taking actions to make sure all surfaces are perfectly clean. 

If you want to avoid contact with us, the staff, it is no problem. We can arrange self-service check in and payment via link, swish or invoice (let us know in advance). 

Our restaurant is only open for smaller groups of minimum 8 persons. If you stay in our B&B you can book our seafood plate and eat it at the dining area or at the pier over the sea. You can also cook your own food, order take away from any of the nice restaurants in Grebbestad, or if you wish to, visit the restaurants instead. 

We stay updated regarding the latest advices from the government. We take extra good care of our hand hygien and of course, we stay home if we don’t feel good. We want you to feel safe, and we also want you to do the same for us. If you feel even a little sick, please stay home and re-book your stay. We will help you find a suitable date. 

You can read more about travelling in Sweden during Covid-19

A part from all this… Grebbestad is just as lovely as is use to be. The air is salt and fresh, the ocean is sparkling and the sunsets just as beautiful as always.

We are looking forward to meet you. 

Welcome to us!