About us

We arrange nature experiences with the ocean in focus. On these experiences you have the opportunity to taste all what the ocean have to give. Oysters, crabs, lobsters and shrimps is only a few of the delicious things you can eat here. Enjoy this good food together with a trip in the beautiful archipelago of the Swedish west coast.

Everts Sjöbod is a family business, and we all grew up in Grebbestad and we look forward to meet you and share what Bohuslän have to give.


Boat house

Our boat house is built in the 19th century and is recently carefully renovated. We have kept the  unique old style and the whole building is full of materials that have been there for hundereds of years. The boat house is situated in Grönemad, 2 km from Grebbestad. This is the place where all experiences starts.


Out boat Tena

She is a beautiful wooden boat that we recently updated with an electric motor. From now on she is totally quiet and moves with help of the new electric motor and the sun.

This boat is allowed to take 12 passengers.


Evertss Sjöbod
457 95 Grebbestad